CTP: direction to the future - we were among the first CTP plate producers in Hungary. Surmounting every obstacle, we work 24 hours a day as sub-contractors of many printing presses.

CTP technology definitely improves print’s quality and guarantees safer production. Toner use is economical (even up to 30 % ), the real filling rate is indeed of 1 % to 100 %- ie every point can be seen perfectly. We not only guarantee the best quality, but also save money and time for our customers by working very fast. (we need two minutes only to produce a plate). It is enough to upload the material to our FTP server.

We prepare the plates and we deliver them to the given address within the shortest time possible- thus combining high quality with speed and smoothness.

Monobit Ltd. has a daily capacity of 1500 pieces of ofset plates (produced by using CTP technology).

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